• Dynamic Task Assignment Aura component for Multiple users in Salesforce Lightning

    1. A Dynamic Lightning component is built to allow multiple user assignment and also this can be accommodated in any of the object without a single line of Code Change.
    2. This Component is based on Aura and uses Events to add contact or user with multiple selections.
    3. It Creates multiple tasks in the backend each for the users selected.

    Author: Avik Mukherjee

  • Continuation in Aura and LWC Salesforce

    Hi All,

    Today we are going to create Asynchronus Call outs for Aura and Lightning web components.I am going to share the Apex Methods for that. Please remind that I have user a method overloading of Callback method, which is currently required for Test Coverage.The Test Framework expects that the Callback method is paramterless. Howover the callback methiod Needs a Object parameter.

    Author:Sukhdeb Das 

  • Accessing rows in Custom Table in Salesforce Lightning

    In this blog we will show you how to create record details in table format with input fields and get field values of a particular record from table using index of iteration. We will also show how to build a Validate button that works for each different section.

    Author: Shreeyanshu Kumar

  • Customize Tabs Salesforce Lightning

    Although we have standard tab set base component provided in slds library, there may be a situation where one may want to fix the tabs on top of the page with header. In this blog Lets see how we can achieve this inside a Lightning component.

    Author: Shreeyanshu Kumar